Women's Running Shoes: Road, Trail & Racing

Imagine a dance where every step is an ode to effort and perseverance. That's the essence of running. Our women's running shoes are designed to enhance this dance, transforming each stride into a symphony of movement. Run, dance, and let your feet write their own story, whether on the road or the trail.

Running shoes for women made with advanced technologies

Your comfort is our priority. Imagine a pair of durable running shoes for women that hugs every curve of your foot, supporting and cradling you. Our shoes combine cutting-edge technology with soft materials, creating a cocoon of comfort for your feet. With them, every run becomes a walk in the clouds. Discover our entire collection of running shoes to suit your goals.

Sustainability and commitment to the Earth

Sustainability is an art we passionately cultivate. Our running and jogging shoes for women are made from sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials, guaranteeing unparalleled longevity. By selecting our collection of running clothes

and women’s running shoes, you're taking a step towards a greener world while ensuring impeccable comfort and quality.


The call of adventure on the road or the trail

Every race is an invitation to explore new horizons. Our women's running shoes are the ideal companions for this quest, adapted to every challenge of the terrain. Whether you're running in the heart of Canada's wilderness, on the trails or in the hustle and bustle of its citie

s, they'll be at your side. Drop by Decathlon and explore our wide range of running accessories, clothes, shoes to bring your running performance to the next level.


Running Shoes for Women: Which Shoes to Choose?

Choosing the perfect running shoes is essential for optimal performance. To find the right model, consider your level, stride type, and preferences. Opt for a comfortable fit, good cushioning, and excellent grip for an enjoyable, safe running experience tailored to your needs.

Style at the tip of your toes

Aesthetics should never be sacrificed for performance. Our women's running shoes embody this philosophy, subtly blending elegance and functionality. Whether you're attracted by the bold vibrancy of contemporary patterns or the sobriety of classic designs, at Decathlon, you'll

find a variety of running gear to suit you.