Running Beanies, Winter Hats & Neck Warmers

Running beanies are an indispensable accessory for runners, especially during colder months. They provide essential warmth, keeping your head and ears protected from chilly winds and low temperatures. Our collection of running beanies is crafted from thermal, breathable fabrics and materials that lock in heat while allowing moisture to escape, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable throughout your run.

Running Beanies for All Seasons: Enjoy Warmth and Comfort on Every Run

Our running beanies are designed with a focus on comfort and performance. They feature a snug fit that stays put even during vigorous runs, and their lightweight design ensures they won't feel heavy or restrictive. Whether you're tackling a frosty morning jog or a snowy trail run, our beanies will provide the warmth and comfort you need to keep going. Check out our running lights for those winter runs, as the sun does not stay out as late as in Summer.

Running beanies for women, men and kids

We offer a diverse range of styles, sizes and colours in our running beanie collection. From classic, understated designs for those who prefer a minimalist look, to bold, vibrant colours for runners who like to make a statement, we have a beanie to suit every size and style. O

ur beanies are not just practical, but also fashionable, allowing you to maintain your personal style even when you're on the run.


Running Winter Hats

Durability is an important aspect of our running beanies. Made to endure the demands of outdoor running, they can withstand everything from icy winds to light rain. The high-quality materials and robust construction ensure that our beanie hat maintain their shape and colour, e

ven after numerous washes and extensive use.


Beanies Designed to Enhance Your Cold-Weather Running Experience

Investing in a high-quality beanie hat can significantly enhance your cold-weather running experience. Not only do they provide essential warmth, but they also help to regulate your body heat and temperature, preventing you from getting too cold during your run. With our warm

beanie, you can enjoy your run, regardless of the weather conditions.


Decathlon: Running Gear for All

We believe that the right running gear and accessories can make a significant difference in your performance and enjoyment of running in colder weather. That's why we're dedicated to offering quality products at affordable prices. Visit us in store to try out our different run

ning hats and running neck warmers, or shop online for Canada-wide delivery.