Tennis Bags, Racket Covers & Backpacks

Elegance and performance come together in our tennis bags. Their sophisticated design reflects the character and determination of true enthusiasts of this majestic sport. Make every trip a declaration of love for the sport, with our bags that embody the perfect blend of functionality and style.

Combining comfort and style in our tennis backpacks

Our tennis backpacks have been designed for players looking to balance comfort and style. Combining sturdiness and lightness, find the ideal tennis gear for your sporting adventures. Each compartment has been designed to hold your equipment neatly and practically, so you can concentrate on what's important: your game.

Tennis racket cover: A showcase for your performance

The object of your passion deserves protection worthy of the name. Our tennis racket covers offer a high-quality protective envelope for your precision instrument. With a meticulous design, each cover guarantees maximum protection while reflecting your love of tennis.

Find the perfect tennis racket to get you started!


Innovation and reliability: The key to our tennis racket bags

Our tennis racket bags and cases result from constant innovation and our commitment to quality. Each piece is designed to perfectly fit your tennis racket while guaranteeing exceptional protection against impact and the weather. 

Choosing our tennis accessories means choosing peace of mind and durability.


Tennis bags, backpacks, and racket cases: The new gold standard in Canada

Our range of tennis bags, backpacks, and racket covers is designed to meet the specific needs of the Canadian market. We have succeeded in combining aesthetics and performance to offer products suited to all types of players, whatever their level of play.

Your success starts with our tennis equipment

Whether you're a professional player or a weekend enthusiast, our tennis bags, backpacks, and racket cases are designed to accompany you in your quest for success. They reflect your commitment to the game and your love of it. Choose excellence and live your passion to the full

est. So whether you’re looking for new tennis clothes, racket, tennis bag or other, drop by the Decathlon nearest you, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.